•  What equipment does Medicare cover?

Medicare covers durable medical equipment that your doctor prescribes for use in the client's home. DME is "durable," used for a medical reason, is not usually useful to someone who is not sick or injured, and must be used within the home to accomplish daily mobility related activities. Bathroom safety equipment is not a covered benefit through Medicare.

  •  Why do you require a "detailed prescription?"

A detailed prescription is the documentation that is provided by your physicians to support the need of the product or services we are providing. The detailed prescription must include the client's name, DOB, a description of the items including HCPCS codes, diagnosis, length of need, and physician's detailed information, and the physician's signature and date. All insurance companies, including Medicare, require a detailed prescription in order for us to bill your equipment.

  •  How much of the cost of medical equipment does Medicare cover?

Typically Medicare covers 80% of eligible charges after you have paid your yearly Part B deductible. Every year, in addition to your monthly premium, you will have to pay the first $162 of covered expenses out of pocket for Part B services. If you have a supplemental insurance policy, that plan may pay the remaining portion of the cost of your equipment after the supplemental plan’s deductible has been satisfied. If you do not have a supplemental plan, the remaining portion will be considered your responsibility. If Travis Medical does not accept assignment with Medicare you may be asked to pay the full price of an item at the time of service, but we will file a claim on your behalf to Medicare. Medicare and any supplemental insurance will process the claim and mail you a check to cover a portion of your expenses if the charges are approved.